Non-Woven Fabric 不織布

Most masks are made of cotton, polyester fiber, and wood pulp fiber. It absorbs a large amount of essence, but the fiber is too large to get essence penetrated into the skin.

*Excellent: Low price, thickness, not easy to break.

*Defect: poor permeability, and it is not a good material to users having sensitive skin.

大多數面膜由棉、聚酯纖維和木漿纖維製成。 它吸收大量的精華,但纖維太大,無法讓精華液滲透到皮膚中。



Wood Plup Paper 木漿紙

It is made of wood pulp which absorbs water well. Besides, it is better comfortability than non-woven fabric masks.

*Excellent: Thin and stays in place.

*Defect: The essence is easier to evaporate.

它由木漿製成,具有很好的吸水性。 此外,它比不織布材質更舒適。



Cotton Seed Velvet 棉籽絨 

It takes fine fibers around the cottonseed, through a special weaving method without the use of adhesives. It’s natural, pure, and environmentally friendly. The fiber is skin-friendly, comfortable, and it fits the skin well.

*Excellent: It absorbs the essence effectively with high penetration.

*Defect: Less elasticity.

取源於棉花籽周圍的細小纖維,經過特殊織法而成。無需使用粘著劑即可成形。 是天然的、純淨的、環保的。 纖維親膚、舒適、貼合肌膚。



Bio Cellulose 生物纖維

It is a super thin, naturally cultivated by fermentation of bacteria. It is a natural fiber that is 1000 times thinner than the average human hair. The fabrics are tightly woven and durable.

*Excellent: Toxin-free, environmentally-friendly, cling to the skin, deliver nourishing ingredients to your skin.

*Defect: High price, and long time to make it.

一種超薄的,通過細菌發酵自然培養的。 它是一種天然纖維,比普通人的頭髮細 1000 倍。 面料編織緊密,經久耐用。



Silk Mask 蠶絲面膜

It is made of natural silk. The silk fiber is extremely thin and porous, so it can fit the skin delicately.

*Excellent: Comfortable, good penetration, skin-friendly, noble mask material.

*Defect: High price, easy to break.

由天然絲綢製成。 蠶絲纖維非常細且多孔,因此可以細膩地貼合皮膚。